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RAINBOW WHISKEY is all about being natural. From the corn, rye and
barley it's made from, to the sweet, clean spring water used in production and
the Oregon white oak used for aging.
The Willamette Valley in western Oregon is bounded by coastal foothills
filled with sweet water streams alive with salmon and rainbow trout. A
fisherman's delight. Here in these lush lowlands Rainbow Whiskey is oaked
and bottled. Our deeply charred Oregon white oak produces a complex
pallet of corn's natural sweetness complimented with crisp, spicy notes of rye.
Three fingers of Rainbow Whiskey over ice releases smooth flavors and
promotes even smoother conversation with friends.
Maybe all Oregonians don't love rain. But they all love rainbows. Please
drink responsibly.
Rainbow Whiskey is produced with 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% barley and
aged on hand-charred Oregon white oak for not less than 4 month

Distillery Equipment Photo

Produced and Bottled for
Beaver Creek Distillers, LLC by
Hard Times Distillery, LLC
Monroe, OR 97456


We are distributed at Hard Times Distillery and many Oregon Liquor Stores

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